Student Consultancy

No matter if you want to pursue management consultancy, museums and galleries, the voluntary sector, public service, law, international development, or any other career, The Neil Wilson Student Consultancy will provide you with real experiences to:

Contribute to the local community
and gain solid work experience
Tackle strategic business issues
and concerns
Develop key employability skills
such as self-management, team
working, business and customer
awareness, problem solving,
communication, entrepreneurship
and enterprise
Gain an awareness of the
professional, social and behavioral
contexts of the business

At Neil Wilson University, We offer


True Learning Experience

With Neil Wilson University, you can expect to have a pure online learning experience. We have the best faculty from all over the globe and we have employed the most advanced technology to educate our students. Our aim is to provide the best learning experience to all our students and at the same time, provide them the flexibility of attending the lectures with convenience. Our students can study at their own pace and shape their academic program accordingly.


Superior Online Education

Neil Wilson University provides its students with a platform where students are just a few clicks away from enrolling in online programs, transferring credits, getting free consultancy services and financial aid. An expert enrollment counselor assists students in acquiring education through a superior, most interactive and an easy to access learning platform.


Mobile Learning

Neil Wilson University promotes convenience for its students. Keeping this in mind, we have developed a mobile app for iOS and Android. This App offers the following features:

  • Tracking your progress
  • Learning anywhere, anytime
  • Global chat function with fellow students
  • Contacting your enrollment counselor over chat
  • Applying for scholarships & financial aids

Top-Notch Career Services

At Neil Wilson University, we don't just provide you with high quality education; we provide you with an opportunity to embark on a career that aims to fully satisfy your ambitions and help you reach your full potential. When students come onboard with us, they are treated to an unparalleled experience whereby they are encouraged to uncover their true talents and achieve all their academic and professional objectives.

Our Career Development team is dedicated towards assisting students throughout their academic tenure at Neil Wilson University. From deciding which major will help them pursue the career of their choice to charting out a roadmap for their career path, Neil Wilson University Career Development team is there to help students every step of the way; from before you enroll to graduation and even beyond. Our highly personalized services will not only help you identify the right career options for you but will also help you develop the skills and knowledge you will need to perform and deliver.


Resume Writing

Our human resource specialists help students in drafting an impressive resume along with a cover letter that will portray a grand image among the employers! With their help, students have the capacity to take in the essentials of resume writing and cover letter composing and make it a part of their skill-set.



Career Selection Assistance

Choosing a career is not a science, but when its time to select the career that best suits your skills, educational orientation and interest; it becomes hectic for students to decide with many options confusing them while being exciting at the same time.

To help our students in the most important decision of their life, Neil Wilson University devised a 5-step process




At Neil Wilson University we believe in only one moto, THINK & DO